Yes, very eloquent of a title. Have you ever seen one at the home of someone else though? That is not on screen and genuinely in real life? They kind of seem a little ambitious to look at, to be honest. And a little bit of off showy, if that is ever a term. Because who would ever have a theater at home of not to show it off to the people who visited? Well, to each their own we supposed. At least they get to live lavishly, to have a home theater in McKinney.

But in all honesty, if this were us, we would not have something like this at our home. Simply because we have no need for it nor do we even want it. We are not the type to watch movies with other people unless it is horror movies because audience reaction is just hilarious. We prefer to watch them alone.

And we can certainly do that by ourselves in our rooms and on our laptops, rather than a large loud room where people will keep interrupting you when you want to pay attention to the movie. But that is just us and everyone is different in opinion. We are not weird for our tastes and likes just like how other people are now weird for being the same and boring about everything.

That is just that. But it does not mean we would not want to have it if it were given to us for free. Otherwise, we would turn away from it if we half to spend money on it.

Yeah, no thanks. Why would we ever want that when our phones are just as easily capable of showing movies like a theater room ever could. Be that as it may, there are actually a lot of you out there who would kill to have your very own, huh?

And upon checking, there seems to be a lot of equipment for it on sale that is very much very handsome. But probably at a very high price, we reckon. As they should be, to be honest. They look like they could be a few thousand dollars.

And when you think about it, is it really worth it to buy all of that when you could just buy cheap speakers, attach it to your devise and enjoy your very own movie at home like that? It is very simple and it does not require a few thousands of dollars to achieve a high quality of move watching.

But as we say, some people do not find that appealing. They prefer being so expensive and costly that they would literally spend so much money on shirt lived things. Although there certainly is nothing wrong with having expensive tastes, it just made us think about how much money is being thrown away there.

We suppose that if they can afford to waste that much cash then it must mean that they are very much well off. Good for them to be honest. Not everyone is fortunate enough to be born with money or to get a job that gives them a lot of it. So for them to be living lavishly enough? That must have taken so much sacrifice to get to that level.