In the logistics business, pallets play a large role in the safe transportation and storage of everything from clothing and food to electronic components, pharmaceutical goods, chemicals, and so on. 

There are a few tips to follow when ordering a pallet from a manufacturer:

  • Determine the capacity and size of the load

You must mention to him about the dynamic load needed, the rack load, and the static load capacity for your pallet. Unless you specify a load capacity, you may have a pallet that is damaged because it carries more weight than it can hold. Also, size is very important. 

  • Inform about the type of item

It is important to notify your manufacturer of the types of items that will be carried by tailor-made pallets. For example, All plastic pallets cannot be used to transport or store edible food items such as dairy products, meat, fresh fruits or vegetables. Only hygienic pallets made of food-grade plastic are used for these items.

  • Convey the type and color of the design

When you have contacted a manufacturer for a special pallet, it is clear that you have some specific designs in your mind, and you must convey the same to your manufacturer. Even if you are not clear about the design, you should mention whether the design can be stacked, or arranged. 

Apart from the tips above, it is very important to have clarity about your budget before ordering a special pallet. Choose a pallet manufacturer that offers special pallets at affordable prices without reducing quality.